Science Lectures

The Bruce Museum is proud to host science lectures on a variety of subjects throughout the year. To get information about upcoming science lectures, click here.

Here is a selection of past science lectures from our database. 


Justin Fornal - 11/2/17

Explorer Justin Fornal walked us through his collection of botanical and zoological curios gathered while studying different traditional spiritual groups around the world and broke down how those different items are utilized for both good and evil purposes. 

Please note: This lecture contains material that may not be suitable for all ages. 


Dr. Jennifer Rosati - 10/24/17

Dr. Rosati's lecture explored her research on forensic entomology, the study of using insects in order to aid legal and criminal investigations. She discussed how insects colonizing a corpse can be used to determine time of death, cause of death, and even whether toxins or drugs were present in a person at their time of death.

Dr. Jacques Gauthier - 4/4/13

Dr. Gauthier performed the final lecture in the series associated with the exhibition Chinasaurs: Dinosaur Discoveries from China. He discussed why understanding evolutionary processes in dinosaurs contributes to the evolution of human thought and the understanding of how evolution works.

William Abranowicz - 3/13/16

Photographer William Abranowicz discussed his year photographing the Mianus River Gorge. In 2013, in order to commemorate the 60th anniversary of its founding, the Mianus River Gorge organization gave renowned photographer William Abranowicz unrestricted access to the gorge over the course of a year.


For even more recordings of past science lectures, click here.