Free museum admission tomorrow evening

Take a picture with this handsome fellow! ( Ursus americanus )

Take a picture with this handsome fellow! (Ursus americanus)

To celebrate Fairfield County Giving Day, we are holding the museum's first After Hours event Thursday night. Weather permitting, there will be free gallery tours, family activities, and more! We'll also be debuting our black bear at a selfie station. In the wild, they should only be observed from a distance, but during After Hours you can get up close and even take a photo!

Did you know that not all black bears have black fur? Some bears may be brown or cinnamon-colored. The rarest kind of black bear is known as a spirit or Kermode bear, which has cream-colored fur. 

We hope to see you there! And remember, rain or shine (or snow) (or sleet) you can donate here anytime on March 5th.