Tenrec party

One of the hands-on activities in Madagascar: Ghosts of the Past is a board game called the Tenrec's Tale. Tenrecs are amazing little creatures that rafted to the island millions of years ago. With a lack of competition from other animals, tenrecs evolved to fill many different habitats—diversifying into over 30 different species. 

There are four species to choose from, and you follow each one's evolutionary tree to end up in its present-day habitat. You play the game by drawing cards. Here are a few: 

Starting with eight individuals, these cards affect the size of your tenrec population.

There's an abacus for each species, to help keep score!

As long as there are at least two individuals in your population, you continue one step forward each round. The first player to reach to their habitat is the winner, and if more than one person finishes during the same round, the tiebreaker goes to player with the largest population size. 

Remember, admission is free until May 2, so come by to say hi to Maddie the turtle (a post for another day...) and have a tenrec party!