Citizen Science Day

The Bruce Museum will host our first ever Citizen Science Day on Saturday, June 27, from 1 to 4 p.m., with presentations and activities celebrating their new Citizen Science initiatives.

Free with Museum admission, no reservations required.

Follow along with a visiting ant researcher as we investigate the numerous species on the museum grounds.

Get up close and personal with live turtles and find out how you can help map turtles throughout the state.

Learn about our fascinating Citizen Science initiatives.

Connecticut Turtle Atlas — Participants in the Connecticut Turtle Atlas collect data on specific locations and abundance of all turtle species found throughout the state. In addition, there will be opportunities to join turtle biologists for field trips and turtle watching.

School of Ants — Help collect data on the distribution of ant species found near your home or in your schoolyard. Maps created from the data can show effects of urbanization, invasive species and even climate change. This project is perfect for individual, family and classroom participation.

Cat Tracker — Find out the secret life of your feline friend. Investigate where and how far your outdoor cat roams by tracking them with GPS technology. Does your cat stay in the backyard or does it wander into your neighborhood?